Cyber Security

With the rise of mobile technology, cloud computing and digitally stored information, the risk to data theft increases dramatically. Hacking attempts, denial of service attacks, data and phone interception, and industrial espionage are just some of the cyber security threats that are taking place every single day around Australia and the world. If you are serious about securing your organisations data and your intellectual property, a cyber security solution from the Specialist Corporate Intelligence Agency is what you need.

At SCIA, we offer world class cyber security solutions for the corporate and government sectors. In this day and age, it is vital to keep your data secure from threats of cyber espionage and hacking attempts. Protecting your intellectual property in the digital age is what SCIA can help with.


  • Encrypted Communications
    • Mobile Phones
    • Desk Phones
    • Satellite Phones
  • Digital Forensics
    • Mobile Phone Data Forensics and Recovery
    • Computer Forensic Search Technology
    • Data Recovery
  • IT Security
    • Cyber TSCM
    • Social Engineering Testing
    • Penetration Testing and Simulated Attacks
    • Security and Risk Assessments
    • Information Security
    • Network Vulnerability Assessments
    • Wireless Security
    • Application Security
    • Telecommunications Security
    • BYOD and Mobility Security
    • Incident Response
    • Compliance Solutions

For more information on SCIA’s Cyber Security solutions, call us on 1300 00 SCIA (1300 00 7242) for an¬†obligation free consultation.

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