Find out more about the dangers of corporate espionage and how SCIA operates.

The FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of corporate espionage and SCIA. If you have any questions that are not covered here or elsewhere on our website, please email or call us on 1300 007 242.

What is corporate security and how can it affect me?

Corporate security relates to the physical and electronic safety of your business, and can include a range of issues such as data and document storage, secure phone and electronic communications, security of intellectual property, and how easy it is to obtain physical access to your premises. The smallest lapses in security are a ticking time bomb that could cause financial devastation down the track. Corporate security is an often overlooked issue for every business in Australia.

What are the dangers of corporate espionage?

Corporate espionage can involve anything from access to business plans and confidential documents, theft of physical and intellectual property, leaks from within your business on product research and development, and deliberate sabotage of your operations from an internal or external party. It could range from a disgruntled employee attempting to disrupt production to intelligence gathering from a rival company. This could be done remotely through the use of electronic surveillance equipment or through physical break-ins. The consequences can range from loss of productivity and efficiency to serious financial disadvantage should a competitor gain access to confidential information.

Where are electronic bugs typically found?

Electronic bugs can be found anywhere in your place of business. Common areas can be inside boardrooms and private offices, fixed line and mobile phones, and company vehicles. They can be discretely installed in an area where members of the public have legitimate access, such as a client visiting a meeting room, or in private areas through unauthorised entry. They are not always visible or identifiable to the untrained eye and the only way to effectively find them is through electronic bug detection equipment.

What is Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)? (electronic bug detection/bug sweeping)

TSCM is the employing of sophisticated counter surveillance equipment to sweep your entire business premises to locate bugs, hidden cameras and other eavesdropping devices, combined with a fastidious physical inspection by a trained security professional.

What measures does SCIA employ to guarantee safety?

Our agents are thoroughly screened and must meet strict legislative requirements before becoming SCIA approved. They then undergo comprehensive training in the use of our highly advanced electronic bug detection equipment and surveillance methods to ensure accuracy and attention to detail. All surveillance activities are carried out within the law, and we are committed to giving you absolute discretion and professionalism throughout the process. At completion of the surveillance period we present you a comprehensive report of our findings. This will contain recommendations on how to make your business more secure in the future and advise you on what action may need to be taken should bugs be discovered.

What can I expect from a security inspection?

No two inspections are the same and outcomes can vary considerably between clients. What we can promise is to identify any potential weaknesses and threats to your business, and to discover any electronic eavesdropping devices hidden in your premises. Time and again we meet with clients who just weren’t aware of how vulnerable their offices were, or were shocked to find surveillance equipment on their premises. Even if nothing of note turns up, it is worth consulting with an SCIA agent to develop a strategy for counter-espionage measures. By booking an inspection with SCIA you are receiving the most thorough corporate espionage security service available in Australia today.

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