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Sydney-based SCIA are committed to improving the overall corporate security of Australian companies from a practical and professional angle. Whether your company is looking to learn more about the threat of Australian corporate crime, or you’d personally like to start your career in this niche sector of the domestic security industry, SCIA have the high-level education and training you need.

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Corporate Spy School

Complacency regarding corporate security could put your company at serious risk. Don’t place your operations and the livelihood of those working for you at jeopardy.

SCIA’s Corporate Spy School provides management teams and other related staff the opportunity to learn about the dangers of workplace espionage and discover methods to implement and safeguard their intellectual property.

Click here to learn more about Corporate Spy School and how to register.

corporate security, bug detection, counter surveillance, surveillance equipment,


Spy Training

Learn the practical skills, gain the theoretical knowledge and become a fully accredited SCIA agent with the potential to own your own franchise in only four years!

Our Spy Training course has been designed to ready hard-working, smart and committed individuals to join the SCIA team. Sydney-based corporate security jobs are available now so take advantage of this exciting opportunity and let’s improve the corporate security of companies right around Australia.

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