What would you do if your company’s most secret and confidential information fell into the wrong hands?

SCIA is your first line of defence against security threats like corporate espionage. At SCIA, our worldwide counter espionage specialists can help leaders make decisions that are critical for their businesses by providing holistic risk solutions to reduce risk.

We support clients by providing experts in the fields of security consulting, which is our main area of expertise; digital forensics and eDiscovery; cyber security; and investigations; so our clients are able to make informed decisions to reduce their risk.

Our Mission: “To deliver the most advanced safety and security innovations to Australia’s leading corporations by reducing risk through state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, the latest research methods and strategies, and security consulting.”

We service all areas of Australia and have a global reach with services able to be provided in the South East Asia, Middle East and North Africa, Europe and the Americas regions, keeping businesses like yours safe from internal and external threats. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, government departments and some of Australia’s top 100 companies who are serious about protecting their intellectual property and wish to arm themselves with the knowledge required to keep their business secure from espionage, corruption, fraud, intellectual property theft, and other forms of attacks.

Potential threats could include a physical breach of your premises by intruders, an attack on data from cyber thieves, or leaks and sabotage from a rogue employee. The smallest lapse in corporate security can put your business in a dangerous position, allowing for a competitive advantage for a rival company.

Why use SCIA for corporate security?

Our promise is to make your business the safest it can possibly be. At SCIA, we have responded to the growing demand for corporate security services through investing in the latest counter-surveillance equipment and comprehensive ongoing training in intelligence gathering. We are proud to bring you the most meticulous and advanced corporate security service available from a private security company in Australia. We conduct a thorough assessment of potential security threats to your business, through electronic and physical surveillance, and recommend a course of action for the future. You may be surprised to discover just how vulnerable your business is to corporate espionage activities.

Can you afford to be relaxed about corporate security? Find out more about SCIA’s range of services and invest in your business’s future.

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