Digital Forensics, Data Recovery and eDiscovery

In this day and age, the advent of mobile communications has resulted in massive breaches of security. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is adding to this concern. Our experts have regularly been called upon to provide professional forensic extraction services from mobile phones and computers and have regularly appeared in the media both print and television to provide information as to the threats associated with security of mobile devices.

All it takes is an employee that has access to sensitive files located on the organisations server to send the files to a personal email address from a company provided mobile phone and the damage has been done. We are able to access the phones binary information and determine if files were emailed and sent somewhere, even if they were deleted, which in turn will assist the organisation to take action where necessary.

SCIA provides state of the art data recovery services for mobile phones, memory cards and computers. Our digital forensic experts have the experience, knowledge and technology to get results fast. We are able to conduct forensic analysis on mobile phones in our Sydney or Parramatta offices.


  • Mobile Phone Data Recovery
    • Apple iPhones
    • Google Android OS phones (Samsung, LG, Motorola, etc.)
    • Blackberry phones
    • Nokia phones (Symbian and Windows based OS)
    • Spyware and Malware analysis
    • Hacking analysis
  • Computer Forensic Search Technology
    • Location of lost Emails
    • Email Recovery
  • Data Recovery
    • USB Thumb Drives
    • Hard Disk Drives
    • SD Memory Cards

Who Needs Digital Forensics?

We can conduct data recovery services for either private or legal matters. Our clients range from government to private individuals who usually require the data for legal proceedings. We are able to provide court extraction reports and all data recovered is securely stored. We are only able to work on a device with the user/owners permission and a legal disclosure must be signed/provided.

Information on our Digital Forensic and eDiscovery service is available by contacting us on 1300 00 SCIA for an obligation free consultation.

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