January 10, 2013. 00:35:12

What can you learn from SCIA’s Corporate Spy School?

Business espionage is enough of a problem that local security firm Specialist Corporate Intelligence Agency is running a series of “spy school” events to educate businesses about common risks surrounding theft of corporate information.

Lifehacker chatted to SCIA CEO and forensics veteran Navid Sobbi about the warning signs that might signal covert activity in your workplace. “We’re not going to teach people to become spies,” Sobbi tells me, somewhat disappointingly. “It’s mainly a place where we’ll get executives from corporations and government agencies and teach them about threats that are out there.

The Australian market is very relaxed about espionage issues, but we’re starting to find it happening more and more. We’re trying to make them aware of the risks.”

Read the full article at Life Hacker Australia.

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