SCIA corporate security with bug detection puts your mind at ease

Are you worried that someone’s listening, watching or tracking your movements? At SCIA we specialise in using counter-surveillance technology and bug sweeping services to put your mind at ease. SCIA combines the most advanced state-of-the-art surveillance equipment with meticulous and precise intelligence gathering methods to monitor your business for potential security threats, and to help safeguard your company in the future.

With a suite of corporate security and training for companies in all industries, SCIA is here to keep your corporate information secret and secure.

Our Capabilities

Comprehensive Bug Detection

Technical surveillance counter measures techniques are used to detect and neutralise the hostile penetration technologies used to obtain illegal access to sensitive and confidential information. SCIA’s TSCM survey allows our inspectors to detect and correct any technical and physical vulnerabilities by detecting, nullifying, isolating and educating our clients.

When you engage SCIA, we can conduct a range of TSCM work including:

  • Bug detection and sweeps of your business
  • Physical surveillance detection and counter-surveillance
  • Physical surveillance of your place of business
  • Phone line and electronic system sweeps
  • Identifying potential breaches in physical security and weaknesses in electronic communications
  • Risk analysis and identifying potential threats and security flaws
  • Strategies for crisis management and planning in the event of corporate espionage

Our inspectors electronically and physically check for illicit devices such as: GPS vehicle trackers, video cameras, infrared beams and laser microphones, burst / packet bugs, spread spectrum, mobile phone spy devices, fiber optic microphones and other surveillance bugs that may be jeopardising your personal and corporate security. We can detect bugs in offices, private buildings, vehicles, telephone systems, networks systems and cabling – SCIA makes sure you’re protected wherever you go.

At the completion of our TSCM service we present a thorough report on our findings, with recommendations for a future course of action and ways to manage or reduce risks. All TSCM activities are conducted within the law and you will be presented with quality, legally admissible evidence, should further action be necessary.

Every job is approached with objectivity so we may not always find the outcome you want. However, what we can promise is to deliver the most comprehensive physical and electronic surveillance of your business, using the most advanced counter-surveillance equipment and methods, along with a professional and detailed report into possible threats and risks.

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Our Equipment

At SCIA we only use the most up-to-date and highest standards of counter-surveillance hardware and software available in the global security industry, staying one step ahead of anyone attempting to violate your security. Constantly undertaking industry-leading corporate security training and education, our team are well positioned to offer an unparalleled level of security to companies of all types and sizes.

We use the following types of equipment:

  • Spectrum Analysers – up to 43 GHz
  • Non-Linear Junction Detectors/Evaluators – 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz
  • Telephone and Line Analysers
  • Thermal Imaging

To get an idea of just how advanced our equipment is, most security companies in Australia use spectrum analysis hardware that operates up to 12 GHz, whilst some go up to 24 GHz; our equipment scans in real-time up to 43 GHz, making our equipment the most effective at detecting signals that just shouldn’t be there.

We also use direction finding techniques to track down exactly where your attackers are coming from, and we’re also one of the few teams with access to wide dynamic range surveillance hardware.

Our Promise

The SCIA team are experts in the field of TSCM. We deliver the most covert operations and handle every matter with delicacy and confidentiality. We implement the highest level of discretion from the first meeting right through to creative a believable cover story that allows our technicians access to your building or vehicle. After the bug detection and debrief is done, we’ll give you advice on how to keep your corporate security up to standard and prevent future breaches.

Service Locations and Inspection Schedule

Our TSCM bug sweep services are available throughout Australia, South East Asia and globally. Most corporate clients maintain ongoing security with regular inspections, usually every 4 to 6 months. For private clients, we recommend inspections every 6 to 8 months.

For more information about TSCM bug sweeps, call us today on 1300 00 SCIA for an obligation free consultation.

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