Are you at risk?

If you suspect you might be at risk, or you know you have information that needs protecting but don’t know where to start, SCIA can help. Planning for events that may occur in future is sound business sense. We’ll determine your risk level (low, medium, high or extreme), help you identify potential threats, and develop and implement a risk management plan. If done in conjunction with a crisis management plan, your organisation will have minimal business disruption if an event occurs.


  • Facility Threat Assessment
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Espionage Risk Assessment
  • Security Reviews
  • Security Audits

Potential Threats

Potential personal and business security risks are escalating as advanced espionage and covert equipment is becoming cheaper, more widely available and easier to use. Listening devices, surveillance bugs, phone line taps and more can now be easily installed in your office, home or car, without you ever realising it.

Cyber espionage is also a growing threat. For example, due to globalisation and the increased use of online shopping to make travel arrangements, vacation itineraries can easily be retrieved and used to compromise the security of your overseas trip.

SCIA can assess these risks and more, consider your unique situation and work together with you to develop a risk management plan of action.

SCIA Risk Analysis and Management

SCIA develops and implements industry-grade security risk analyses. Our process is extremely comprehensive, covering everything from site surveys and audits to interviews with key individuals for any report are finalised. By indentifying and analysing any potential threats to your security at home, work, and even overseas, we are able to determine a plan of action to eliminate security risks.

We tailor our service to suit your individual needs, and any risk analysis from SCIA is conducted in compliance with the Australian Standards AS 4360 Risk Management.

SCIA is dedicated to investigating with precision, maintaining the integrity of our reporting procedures and always ensuring open, honest communication with our clients.

We offer our risk analysis services throughout Sydney, Australia and the world. Call us today on 1300 00 SCIA for an obligation-free consultation.

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